Following on from my article on horrid Facebook updates, this page will be regularly updated with further examples.

"Cuddles with my little girl in bed = Perfect start to the day :)"

"Has a coldy, snotty, coughy little boy :-("

"Good Facebook purge of pointless connections. More tomorrow"

"new motto for life....take risks & be spontaneous!!!....Paris Marathon ENTERED!!!"

"Time to carb up! Chicago's marathon, here we come!"

"Has gone mad and is thinking about going to the gym twice in one day!"

"The Captain & I are now proud homeowners!"

"Trying to work out whether my new cleaners English or my chat, stinks worse..."

"Tomorrow the next part begins. I feel so privileged to have spent the last year at home with the most amazing little person who has bought so much happiness into our lives. It's time for mummy to go out to the real world and do what I do best, multi task and network my ass off ;-) Although the thought of tomorrow morning and the childminder, is a nervous one. I can see it already, 'that new girl is an emotional nut job!'"

"OK finally sorting my phone, do i buy new glass screen and back to fit myself for £35 or so, or do i claim on my insurance and swallow the £50 excess to have a whole new phone? iPhone about 12 months old."

"Had 2 letters this week from my old university and my old school. Both asking for money! Do they think now I am a #solicitor I am #rich?!"

A Facebook Exchange:

Status Update: "I've had a lovely tea and elliotts at his friends house and I'm watching telly"

The exchange: 

"Cool Hun"
"Thank you hun"
"are you free next weekend hun"
"Yep.  I am hun are you and why hun"
"would you like to go to go swimming next saturday hun"
"I haven't got a costume cause I haven't been for years"
"ok hun"
"Would.  U like to do something instead hun"
"yea hun"
"but not sure what to do hun"
"Where would u like to do instead hun"
"not sure hun"
"ohright hun ill think of something hun"
"ok thanks hun"

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